Sunday, 6 April 2014

CAS Tips

If you love to make CAS cards, or just wish you could, you're in for a treat today!

My friend Susan Raihala, the absolute queen of CAS (and the originator of the One-Layer Wednesday, which is now the One-Layer Simplicity challenge) has written an excellent post about CAS card making (along with some tips about using Kaleidecolor ink pads).

You can see Susan's tips for CAS cards here.


Geri said...

Just read Susan's post! EXCELLENT info! She has such a talent for writing! Brief, concise and always to the point!

Sheila H said...

I always love Susan's lessons.

Gerrina said...

Thanks for the tip! So much I can still learn.... Warm greetings, Gerrina

Mac Mable said...

Off to take a look now, always willing and eager to learn x Beverley x