Friday, 16 August 2013

FFC15 - For the Children!

Time for a new Festive Friday Challenge!

Kid Theme

Christmas started with one Child and is still all about children. There's nothing quite like the wonder in your kids' eyes when they wake up on Christmas morning!

I used Christmas icons from Stampin' Up's Jolly Bingo Bits. I started with Santa, then went down the row with things he brings. I'm actually quite liking this simple layout and seeing that variations could be made just by using different stamps or different colours.

Now it's your turn - I hope you'll play along!


Tracey McNeely said...

This is so cute Ardyth, love those tiny images!

Meredith MacRitchie said...

I love that everyone came up with such different ideas for this one - and none of them are at all what I would have expected (including my own). Love the simplicity of this one, and how you sort of created a sequence with the images. Awesome!!

The Crafty Laydee said...

Great card Ardyth-what fun little images :)
Nessa xx

Lynn said...

Absolutely adorable!

Happy Dance said...

So, so sweet! Just perfect for little kiddos! And it's not 'square', either!! : ) Great card. Looks like you had a great time with Tracey and Virginia too. That's you, me and Geri pretty soon!! Can't wait.

Charlene said...

So sweet!!! You do CAS perfectly!!

Geri said...

Another non-traditional Christmas color that is absolutely fabulous! The pink mat really makes the stamped images pop!

Looks like you gals had a fabulous day! Lunch looked really yummy!!!

Any chance you could share that delicious peach pie recipe with us? My mouth watered just reading about it :)

Virginia L. said...

Love your placement of images! Trendy and gorgeous!